Other Projects


Realizing the need for improving the lives of people of urban slums and empowering them to bring about inherent changes in the entire social health, we opened Rugna Sewa Sadan on 25th of August 2013. Initially started as a 10 bed dormitory with lodging facility for the patients and their relatives coming from remote areas, the premises were developed into an OPD for local residents too. Also a centre is run for supplying patient aids – “Rugna Sahitya Kendra”. “A cold storage portable coffin” is available at nominal cost for the general public in case of preservation of the corpse over 24 hours. The centre is currently managed by Janakalyan Sewa Sanstha, the parent Trust that works on the basic principles of the DHIMSR. Situated in the densely populated area of Old Amravati city Ambagate area, the centre covers a population of around 25,000 in the slums of budhwara, patvipura, bhajibazar, kharkadipura, kolhapuri gate,

Ongoing Primary Health Care Services

  • A satellite outpatient department for screening of general population in urban slums
  • Out Patient services at nominal fees.
  • Supply of Medicines.
  • Lifestyle diseases.
  • Special Consultation by Expert Doctors through Health Camps and Regular Visits.
  • Maternal and Child Health Clinics.
  • Low cost Investigations and Surgeries for needy poor patients at the parent hospital.

Proposed Community Health Services:

  • Immunization Clinic
  • Under- Five Clinic
  • Anemia Clinic.
  • Promotion of Community Health Volunteers
  • Safe Drinking Water Project
  • Scabies Awareness and treatment campaign
  • School Health Check Up
  • Adolescent Boys and Girls Health Check up and awareness programs.

Proposed Health Education Services :

  • Health Exhibitions
  • Video shows of preventive health issues
  • HIV / AIDS Awareness
  • Counseling Services at the OPD for various health issues through group counseling and one to one counseling sessions.